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We invest to acquire and grow small businesses in the aerospace, defense, and government services sectors.

We look for opportunities to hold businesses for the long term where we can continue to support their growth.

Investment Criteria

  • Aerospace, defense, and government services

  • Businesses supporting national strategic priorities, critical infrastructure, and supply chains

  • Services or manufacturing business models

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Financial Profile
  • Less than $3M EBITDA

  • Proven track record and strong margins

  • Opportunities to invest further in growth

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Deal Situations
  • Acquiring a business from retiring owners

  • Partnering with managers interested in acquiring their current business

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Growing Enduring Businesses 


We invest in small businesses where we can preserve the values of the founders while driving strategic growth

Our goal is to partner with a small number of businesses with a long term investment horizon. 

We look for opportunities to drive growth through internal initiatives and add-on acquisitions to expand capabilities.


Experienced and Engaged

We work with the business owners and management team to structure a successful transaction that meets their objectives and positions the business for continued success. 


Responsive and Agile

We will quickly and discretely evaluate investment opportunities and provide clear feedback on our interest.

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