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The CNC milling machine rough cutting cutting the mould parts with radius indexable tool.

Partnering with Searchers

We invest with searchers, executives and entrepreneurs to acquire and grow small businesses in the aerospace, defense, and government services sectors.

We invest minority, non-control equity and can support long-term holds to maximize growth.

Investment Criteria

Ideal Partners
  • Searchers, executives and entrepreneurs with relevant experience in their target industry

  • Managers interested in acquiring their current business

Team of Industrial Engineers Lean on Office Table, Analyze Machinery Blueprints, Architect
Industry and Capabilities
  • Aerospace, defense, and broader government services sectors

  • Services or manufacturing business models

Female Engineer uses Computer to Analyse Satellite, Calculate Orbital Trajectory Tracking.
Financial Profile
  • Less than $2M EBITDA

  • Attractive purchase multiples

  • Will invest with entrepreneurs acquiring businesses with certifications (e.g. SDVOSB, WOSB, etc.) who have a plan to grow into larger prime contractors

Data Center IT Specialist and System administrator Talk, Use Tablet Computer, Wearing Safe
Investment Size and Structure
  • $100k - $1M check size

  • Minority, non-control preferred equity

  • Open to long-term holding periods 

CNC Laser cutting of metal, modern industrial technology. Small depth of field. Warning -
Deal Situations
  • Gap equity for self-funded or traditional searchers

  • Initial capital for search funds specifically focused on ADGT sector

  • Equity for add-on acquisitions or expansion

Low-angle wide shot of engineers assembling an engine of a passenger jet at a hangar..jpg

ETA Approach


Large SMB ETA Opportunity Set in the ADGT Market


There are over 10,000 businesses with $2M - $20M of federal contract revenue. We believe this is a sweet spot for entrepreneurship through acquisition. 

These businesses range from machine shops to IT services, and include many specialty niches within the aerospace, defense, and broader government services market. Many of these firms have aging owners needing to exit, have plateaued in their growth, or do not have the capital or strategic vision to realize their full potential.


The number of active government contractors has been declined significantly over the past decade. We believe new owner-operators can bring fresh perspective and growth to these firms, and contribute to a robust defense industrial base.  


Experienced and Engaged

We've been in your shoes - as acquirers and operators of small and growing businesses. We know the value a great ETA deal can create for all stakeholders, and the role a supportive equity partner can play in getting a deal done and supporting future growth. 


Responsive and Agile

If you have a deal approaching or under LOI, we can give quick feedback if it would be a fit for us.

If you are earlier in your search process, we would be happy to connect and discuss your thesis and process.

We frequently see deals that would make great ETA acquisitions for the right owner-operator. Get in touch if you are currently searching and would like to be made aware of deals of interest to us. 

Reach out to us at

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